Mr Sauce Retail Range

Mr Sauce retail range comprises our custom condiments, basting, marinades and rubs.
All available at your favourite retailer.


Mr Sauce Mild Peri Peri Sauce can be used on almost everything to give that extra kick. Use it asa dipping sauce or addto your cooking.


Mr Sauce Lemon and Herb can be used to enhance the flavour of chicken or seafood dishes. It’s also great as a basting sauce for braais or oven cooked dishes, or anywhereyou need a savoury, herby sauce with the brightness of lemon.


Marinade chicken breast in Mr Sauce Prego Sauce and fry in a pan with oil on medium heat until cooked. Place cooked chicken into a fresh Portuguese bread roll and garnish with fresh lettuce leaves. Or add some extra Mr Sauce Prego Sauce onto a steak roll and serve with chips or salad.


Cut a skinless chicken breast into strips, dip strips into bread crumbs and shallow fry ina pan until golden brown and cooked through. Serve with thick cut chips and Mr Sauce BBQ Sauce as a side dip.


Use Mr Sauce Whip to make a perfect coleslaw salad or to add the finishing touch to your grilled beef burger or just about any dish. Our Whip is made with the finest ingredients and hits the spot every time.


Marinade yourchicken or beef dishes overnight using Mr Sauce Portuguese Marinade and then flame grill to bring out the flavour. Add a dash to grilled prawns or fish dishes and turn any meal into a masterpiece.


Marinade your steak, ribs, lamb chops or chicken in Mr Sauce Braai Basting overnight and cook over a braai. Add a dash to your favourite stew to enhance its flavour. Rub on your roast and add your own blend of herbs and spices to create a masterpiece.


Our Tampico is a fiery Hot Red Pepper Sauce. It offers a spicy zing and makes a perfect accompaniment to just about any dish.